5 Reasons to Take Dietary Supplements People have many questions why they should use nutritional supplements. Today, the health and wellness industry is among the fastest growing sectors of our lives. There is a myriad of nutritional products in the market these days. More than any other time in history, dietary supplements are more widely used today. There are a variety of dietary supplements ranging from multi vitamins, Omegas, herbs, amino acids, mineral salts, fatty acids and enzymes. In this article, we discuss five reasons why you need to take dietary supplements. Soil nutrient depletion Majority of world regions have been farmed without letting the nutrients to replenish organically in the soil. Modern farming techniques have also utilized fertilizers that have ended up depleting the soil of essential nutrients. Agriculturally, plants depend on soil elements for required minerals that are responsible for formation of crucial vitamins. You are most probably going to miss out on the required vitamins if you eat a plant that was grown on a soil without these minerals.
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In the past, manures were extensively used as fertilizer for plants. Nowadays, superphosphate fertilizers have replaced manures by large. Unfortunately, they contain potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen only. It therefore means that they are deficient of many other nutrients that are naturally found in manure. Unhealthy lifestyle These days, cigarette and alcohol use has almost become a normal way of life. If you smoke and drink excessively, your health is bound to worsen automatically. You may also be pregnant, on pills or living in a polluted area. All these conditions can easily increase your nutritional needs. Excessive consumption of alcohol and smoking reduces vitamin C in your body acutely. Coffee consumption can also decrease your iron absorption rate by up to one third of the normal. Modern handling of food products The amount of nutrients in foods are seriously decreased today’s practices of commercial harvesting, transportation, processing, storage and preservation. Consequently, feeding on a food commodity that is not from the plant directly means that you are eating a completely new species of the same food commodity. In the course of these procedures, a number of compounds add up to food products and as a result increase the need for nutrients by your body. Some of these compounds are nutrasweet, saccharine, colorings, splenda and MSG. They are considered destructive synthetic derivatives. Exercise increases the need for nutrients Regular exercise is prescribed for you to get rid of excess fats from your body and to keep fit. Frequent exercise nonetheless, lets you use more oxygen and as a result demand for more nutrients than the usual. Thus, if you are an athlete or a committed sportsperson who engages in regular exercises, then you need to enroll for a nutritional supplement program immediately.