Thriving in a Survival Situation It may start with a hike or other activity, but just one mistake may make this turn into a survival situation. Of course no one really ever plans or knows they will be in a survival situation. This is why everyone should know some important survival tips and have the right survival gear. Being prepared for a survival situation often means the difference between life and death. Survival gear often makes the biggest difference in these situations. One of the most important pieces of survival gear is your knife. Good survival knives have longer more durable blades than a smaller pocket knife would. Knives and blades are crucial for building shelters and gather food and water. Along with a knife, a fire starter is also crucial. Having fire as soon as possible helps you stay warm and gives you the essentials for sanitizing your food and water. Without fire your chances for survival dwindle, which is why being able to start a fire quickly and not waste energy is so crucial for survival situations. Possibly the most important survival gear you should own is a quality knife or blade and a fire starter. Researching survival tips before you are in a survival situation is incredibly important. For example, no matter how thirsty you are or how clear the water seems you need to boil it. Invisible bacteria lives in even the most clear water, which is why you should never trust water without cleaning it. Another important tip involves building your shelter. A lot of people make the mistake of only building a shelter with a roof and sleep on the ground. The ground becomes very cold at night and exposes you to bugs and parasites. When you are building a shelter you want to make sure you build a platform or elevated surface for sleeping. Having the right knowledge and survival tips can help you thrive in a survival situation.
The Art of Mastering Resources
Whenever you may end up in a survival situation it is important to have emergency food. When packing food it is important to bring protein rich snacks as this can provide you with much needed energy. Another good type of emergency food is having dehydrated food packs which can be mixed with water and provide some much needed nutrition. When storing or bringing potential emergency food stores, it can be very helpful to ensure they are high in protein and easily transported.
Doing Tips The Right Way
No one really knows when they are going to be in a survival situation fighting for their lives. The best thing you can do right now is prepare. With the right survival gear, researching lifesaving survival tips, and knowing about good emergency food options you can be prepared if you are ever in such as situation. Being educated in this area can literally be the difference between life and death.