The Benefits of Home Remedies A type of treatment called home remedies can source items from the kitchen to cure some simple ailments. Home remedies are a form of first aid before more medical care is provided. Home remedies are a great idea for a person who wants to obtain the benefits of it. Sometimes it is important to forget the about the doctor and remember what our older folks told us about natural remedies. For the relief of coughs, gastric pain and cold, they showed us how some simple home remedies can be made for that. The remedies are not made for a specific time of the day. For instance, there are home remedies for the different stomach disorders. Gastric pain can be relieved boiling and taking Ajwain -1/2, Sauf -1/2 spoon, Mint leaves-6-7 leaves and a half of jeera powder in a glass of water. You will not feel any pain when you take the water in small sips. Stomach pain will also be eliminated by taking a quarter spoon of hing with water that is warm and this has been proved to be a true cure . Coconut water should be taken whenever one experiences acidity. To get relief from constipation, boil two dates in milk at night and drink it. It provides relief to constipation. Another great laxative is figs when taken in the evening. Smooth motions can be stopped by souf water which should be drank every 2 hours and turmeric on cold water will treat smelly smooth motions. The stomach will benefit from the use of such a remedy. Loose motions can also be treated by taking buttermilk with jeera. Stool in the blood can be relieved by taking milk that has drops of fresh lemon. Consider rubbing your stomach with castor oil as it will help you evacuate in the morning. There are home remedies that are designed for babies. A baby will cry with their hands on the tummy when they are experiencing gastric pain. Rub a mixture of hing and water on a baby’s stomach anytime they have gastric pain, this is the best way to treat it. A mixture of hing with the mother’s milk is a good home remedy for a 1 or 2 month old baby. The baby will be able to feel comfortable as this remedy helps in gas release.
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Passing of gas can also be helped by ensuring the baby’s legs are pressed against the tummy. Constipation in an infant that has not exceeded 5 days can be treated with water boiled with salt, not less than two spoons of this should be given. The baby will be relieved from the condition. The pain of teething when the babies have reached that stage and the passing of stool can be alleviated by giving the bay souf water. What You Should Know About Options This Year