Staying healthy is something a person should view as a priority. The only way to stay healthy is by working with the right medical professionals. When it comes to keeping eyes healthy, a person will need to go in for routine exams with an optometrist.

If a person does need corrective eyewear, they will have to decide between contacts or glasses. Wearing contact lenses can provide both convenience and appeal, which is why they are so popular. Read below to find out about some of the most common mistakes a person needs to avoid when wearing contact lenses.

Avoid Swimming While Wearing Contacts

One of the worst mistakes a person can make when wearing contacts is going swimming. In most cases, this will lead to an individual’s eyes becoming extremely irritated. There are instances when this mistake may lead to an eye infection, which is why a person needs to avoid this activity altogether while wearing contacts.

Allowing contacts to come in direct contact with water is a mistake even if a person is in the shower. While it may be irritating to remove contacts before swimming or taking a shower, it can save a person a lot of headaches.

Don’t Fall Asleep With Contacts

Most people fail to realize that sleeping with their contacts in is a horrible idea. Usually, this will cause oxygen deprivation, which can be extremely hazardous to a person’s eyes. Some experts agree that sleeping with contacts in can also cause issues with corneal inflammation.

By removing the contacts before falling asleep, a person can give their eyes the opportunity to be exposed to oxygen. Often times, contact wearers will remove their lenses well before bedtime and wear their glasses instead. Getting into this habit can help a person reduce the strain on their eyes and contact lenses.

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